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Midland Open Championships@Telford
9 to 11 August 2019

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Further information

This page itemises the most frequent issues players need before entry. Full details are in the terms and conditions (.pdf document). In the event that there is inconsistency between this page and the .pdf document, the .pdf document is definitive.

Grades and Ratings

FIDÉ ratings from the August 2019 list will be used for the FIDÉ-rated sections, and ECF grades published in the July 2019 list will be used for the U130 section and unrated players in FIDÉ rated sections. If necessary, players will be transferred between sections to take account of rating/grading movements after date of entry (see below). The FIDÉ Open and FIDÉ U1900 sections will be both FIDÉ rated and ECF graded. The ECF U130 section will be ECF graded. Players without a current FIDÉ rating or ECF grade must give details of estimated playing strength, including any previously grading or rating information. The Organiser will assign a grade or rating for the tournament, where possible. If assigned, this grade or rating will be used for the purpose of pairings, and grading and performance prizes.


English-registered players must be ECF Gold or Platinum members in the FIDÉ Open and FIDÉ U1900 sections, or pay a £10 surcharge. All players must be ECF Silver members or above in the U130 section, or pay a £7 surcharge. Prizes may be changed subject to numbers of entries. The Organiser reserves the right to transfer players between tournaments at any time, and reserves the right to refuse any entry without explanation. All pairings will be made using FIDE Swiss pairing rules using Swiss Manager. The submission of an entry form and payment of the entry fee denotes acceptance that the MCCU's decision is final in all matters. A list of entries will be maintained on this website.

Ties and prizes

No player may win more than one prize. All place prize money will be shared equally between tied players. The method for allocating grading and performance prizes can be found in the Terms and Conditions, available on the MCCU website.

Congress organiser

IO Alex Holowczak


IA Matthew Carr + others TBC


The MCCU accepts no responsibility for any damage, theft or accident to the person or property of anyone attending this event.