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Papers for 2011 AGM

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Page published 20 June 2011. For a printable pdf version, click here.



All matches in the MCCU preliminary stages were received and forwarded to the ECF for grading.

A total of 50 matches were played with a further 8 matches being conceded and in 20 of the 50 matches one or more boards were defaulted - 37 defaults in total. A total of 1404 halfgames played by 545 players were submitted for grading. A significant decrease in numbers reversing the trend in previous years.

Also, many thanks to Ray Collett who helped by vetting the score sheets and ironing out anomolies before posting them on the web-site.

In 2009-10 a total of 57 matches were played with 1658 halfgames played by 585 players being submitted for grading - a continued increase over the last 2 years despite the withdrawal of the Lincolnshire U140 team.

In 2008-9 a total of 56 matches were played - the Under 175 tournament counting as 1 match - with 1612 halfgames played by 571 players being submitted for grading.

In 2007-8 there were 52 matches with 1480 halfgames played by a total of 579 players.

Peter Sherlock