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2012 Annual Meeting

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Page published 16 June 2012

Report of the Grading Director Season 2011-12

Peter Sherlock June 2012


I am happy to continue as Grading Director for the coming season.

All matches in the MCCU preliminary stages were received and forwarded to Richard Haddrell for grading. As per the ECF directive the matches played before Christmas were forwarded in time for the January grading list with the rest forwarded in March.

A total of 53 matches were played with a further 7 matches being conceded. A total of 1532 halfgames played by 548 players were submitted for grading a slight increase over last year’s low.

A table of the current and previous years is as follows


Season Matches Half-games Players
2011-12 53 1532 548
2010-11 50 1404 545
2009-10 57 1658 585
2008-09 56 1612 571
2007-08 52 1480 579