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2013 Annual Meeting

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Page published 14 June 2013

CEO REPORT 2012/13

As you are aware this is my final report as CEO. For MCCU AGM records I feel I should repeat the reasons already outlined in earlier communications. I think for most of us health, family, and the work that puts the bread on our table, have to come before any unpaid voluntary work.  My circumstances are such that family and paid employment are taking up more of my time, and I feel I can no longer devote the time to MCCU matters that is needed. The last year has also seen some personal health problems that may well be due to trying to burn the proverbial candle at both ends, and have impinged further on the time available for voluntary posts with the MCCU.

As a result of all of the above there have been spells during the year when I have only been able to deal with urgent MCCU items. The situation has not been helped by a lack of response to requests for feedback from various quarters. I have never regarded the post as one in which it was appropriate for the CEO to make unilateral decisions, but that the CEO should act in accordance with the consensus view, unless it is clearly perverse and would be detrimental to the Union to do so. However, a consensus view cannot be acted upon if there is no consensus, or insufficient feedback to establish a consensus.

The lack of progress regarding a possible revival of the Midlands Open is a prime example, exacerbated by my lack of time to chase up responses. Unfortunately many of us are living busier lives, where giving attention to chess correspondence is far from the top of the list of priorities. Perhaps someone with more time than I can chivvy people into providing better input.

I would offer my thanks to those on the Board who have provided support, invaluable input and advice during my years as CEO.  In addition thanks to Peter Gibbs and his predecessor the late Roy Woodcock, in their role of President and sage advisor. Also, last but not least, county delegates for their input at GMs.

My best wishes go to whoever takes on the post of CEO, they will surely need it!

Julie D Johnson