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2013 Annual Meeting

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Page published 15 amended 16 June 2013


First of all I wish to extend my personal thanks to Julie Johnson our Chief Executive Officer for the very kind words she has written about me.

Secondly, I am sure I speak for everyone when I express my regret that she does not feel able to continue in office.  However, I understand her reasons for indicating that she will be tendering her resignation at our meeting.  I wish to place it on record our appreciation for all her hard work over many years.  I trust that I shall have the same agreeable working arrangement with her successor that I have had with Julie.  I am also sorry that Cyril also will not be continuing in office.

I am sure that we shall be meeting when Hinckley Chess Club play Syston in the Leicestershire League!

It occurs to me that, no doubt with the passing of the years, the number of our Vice-Presidents is dwindling.  In any case I think we should recognise the service Julie Johnson and Cyril Johnson have provided to the MCCU by appointing each of them a V-P.

On behalf of the Union I wish them both very best wishes in their retirement.

Peter C. Gibbs, MCCU President, June 2013