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2014 Annual Meeting

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Page published 8 June 2014

MCCU County Championships Controllers Report 2013/14


This report comes at the end of my first year as MCCU County Championship Controller. At the last AGM Julie Johnson stood down after many years of dedicated service and the position was left vacant. Having been asked subsequently by Ray Dolan if could fulfil the roll I was happy to agree.

Little did I know how events would unfold. The main problems came in the Open/Minor sections when Warwickshire decided to play in the Minor section rather than the Open leaving 6 teams in the Minor and 1 – Staffordshire – in the Open. Fortunately, Nottinghamshire also entered the Minor, making 7 teams, and a solution presented itself in a combined Open/Minor section. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing an acceptable format was agreed with the 8 teams being split into 2 east/west zones. In the end the event seemed to be a success with Nottinghamshire narrowly beating Leicestershire in a closely fought final.

I have put forward some rule changes to adopt those agreed at the start of the season to accommodate the new format.

In the other sections it was disappointing that several counties pulled out of the Under 140 section leaving only 3 teams and overall only 39 matches were played with 1 defaulted match compared with 44 last season and 53 the season before.

The mechanism for allowing ungraded players worked well with 56 players being registered and the list of ungraded players being published on the web-site. Most were registered in good time with a couple being registered after the event in an emergency as allowed for in Rule 21. There was only one occasion where an ungraded player was not registered and fell foul of Rule 4.

I am happy to put my name forward for re-election.

The breakdown of section winners and ECF qualifiers is as follows

Combined Open/Minor Section MCCU Champions & MCCU Minor Champions – Nottinghamshire

ECF Qualifiers

Open section – MCCU1 – Staffordshire

Minor section – MCCU1 – Nottinghamshire
MCCU2 – Leicestershire; MCCU3 – Greater Manchester

Under 180 section - Only entry and therefore champion & ECF qualifier – Warwickshire

Under 160 section - Champions – Leicestershire
; MCCU1 – Leicestershire; MCCU2 – Greater Manchester

Under 140 section - Champions – Nottinghamshire; MCCU1 – Nottinghamshire; MCCU2 – Staffordshire

Under 120 section - Champions – Staffordshire; MCCU1 – Staffordshire; MCCU2 – Nottinghamshire; MCCU3 – Warwickshire

Under 100 section - Joint champions – Nottinghamshire & Warwickshire; MCCU1 – Warwickshire; MCCU2 – Nottinghamshire


Peter Sherlock June 2014