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2012 Warwickshire Congress

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Ghasi, Sygnowski and Weaving Share the Tucker Cup


ArdenSchool & nLanguage College

Open winners: Weaving, Sygnowski and Ghasi

Honeygold Catering

Arbiters Holowczak and Carr Thomas, ponder

Top left: Arden School & Language College, Knowle, Solihull.

Top: Richard Weaving, Tomasz Sygnowski and Ameet Ghasi
share the Tucker Cup

Top right: Honeygold Catering at Warks Congress

Right: Alex Holwczak, Matthew Carr and Dave Thomas ponder the pairing

Left: Chess Direct bookstall at Warks Congress

Photos: Ray Collett

Chess Direct Bookstall


Reported by Ray Collett. Over 100 players turned out for the annual Warwickshire Congress at Arden School & Language College, Knowle, Solihull. Chief arbiter was David Thomas assisted by Alex Holowczak and Matt Carrr. Bruce Holland acted as Congress Secretary. "The Championships in the Open Section was the most keenly contested for possibly 50 or 60 years" writes the Congress Secretary Bruce Holland. The Open was keenly contested


The details below are unofficial. Visit the Congress Secretary's report on the English Chess Forum.

Prize winners

Open Tournament - Sharing the Warwickshire Championship, first prize and the Tucker Cup: Ameet Ghasi (Birmingham), Tomasz Sygnowski (West Bromwich) and Richard Weaving (Solihull). The under-185 grading prize was also shared between Richard Bryant (Chester), David Cooper (Bushbury) and Peter Mercs (Gambit, Nottingham). Richard Weaving just gets the British Championship qualifying place on tie-break.

Under-170 Tournament - First Wiatt Ropp (Stratford), 2nd David Ireland (Coventry Chess), and shared 3rd were: Leif Dixon (South Birmingham), Faraz Malik (South Birmingham), Tom Robinson (Redditch) and Kevin Yeomans (Olton, Birmingham). The under-165 grading prize was shared by Keith Jewsbury (Solihull) and Andrew Price (Leamington).

Under-145 Tournament - First shared by Tim Allen (Battersea), Ray Collett (Worcester), Clive Pemberton (Balsall Common), Rick Weston (Witney, Oxon) and Andrew Wiggins (Redditch). The under-135 grading prize was also shared: William Egan (Scunthorpe), Athar Hehmood (Newport-Telford), Alan Riddoch (Maidstone) and Colin Solloway (Milton Keynes).

Under-120 Tournament - First Stephen Crockett (Redditch); 2nd was shared by Michele Clack (Redditch) and Dominic Heining (Leamington). The under-110 grading prize was shared by: Sam Beardmore (Cheddleton & Leek), Andrew Ellis (Cambridge City), Steven Hotchkiss (Birmingham), Colin Mace (Wellington), Felicity Parker (K Edward Fiveways Sch, Birmingham), Shivi Ravi (Solihull Checkmates), Robert Sutton (Worcester).

Junior prize - Jacob Boswell (Cheddleton & Leek) Team prize - Redditch


Ameet Ghasi (Birmingham), Tomasz Sygnowski (West Bromwich), and Richard Weaving (Solihull) 4 points; Don Mason (Shirley & Wythall), Anthony Hynes (Warks Select), and Alan Agnew (Warley Quinborne), 3½ points; Philip Holt, and Mark Page (Leamington) 3 points; Martin Burrows (Wigton, Leics), Kaarel Nestor (Warwick Univ), Paul Lam (Kenilworth), Henrik Stepanyan (Sutton Coldfield), David Coates (Lincoln), Pawel Madynski (Birmingham), David Cooper (Bushbury, Wolverhampton), Peter Mercs (Gambit Nottingham), and Richard Bryant (Chester) 2½ points; Martin Cutmore (Wood Green, London), and Andrew Paterson (Nuneaton) 2 points; David Cutmore (Wood Green, London), Robin Huq (Mutual Circle, Birmingham), and Rohan Shiatis (Coulsdon, London) 1½ points; Henry Brockbank (Olton) 1 point. Withdrew before completion: Daniel Wells (Newark, Notts) 1½ points, Peter Davies (Cardiff) 1 point.


Wiatt Ropp (Stratford) 4½ points; David Ireland (Coventry) 4 points; Tom Robinson (Redditch), Kevin Yeomans (Olton), Leif Dixon (South Birmingham), and Faraz Malik (South Birmingham) 3½ points; Colin Searle (Stratford), Leo Tsoi (Boldmere, Birmingham), Andrew Price (Leamington), and Keith Jewsbury (Solihull) 3 points; Russell Barlow (Bath), Stephen Willetts (Stratford), Martyn Harris (Newcastle-u-Lyme), Charles MacAleenan (Athenaenum, London), Ed Goodwin (Coventry), Conrad Green (Hassell, Staffs), Tim Lane (South Birmingham), and Ian Deswarte (Guildford) 2½ points; Richard Desmedt (Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorks), Simon Smith (Warley Quinborne), Trevor Holt (Olton, Birmingham), and Ian Brodie (Solihull) 2 points; Oadejo Olaleye (Leamington) 1½ points; Mark Radford (Nottingham Central), and Ashwin Kalyana (Birmingham Checkmates) 1 point. Withdrew before completion: Nigel Towers (Redditch), 2 points, Dean Hartley (Amber Valley, Derbys) 1 point, Carl Gartside (Buxton Derbys) ½ point.


Tim Allen (Battersea), Ray Collett (Worcester), Clive Pemberton (Balsall Common), Rick Weston (Witney, Oxon), and Andrew Wiggins (Redditch) 4 points; Chris Evans (Banbury), Adrian Walker (Leamington), Jason Madden (Leaminghton), and Will Robinson (Cabot, Bristol) 3 points; Ben Graff (Leamington), Rob Bricknell (Redditch), Tom Darling (Leamington), Owen Robinson (Northants Jun), Ian Truscott (Greenlands, Birmingham), Athar Mehmood (Newport-Telford), Colin Solloway (Milton Keymes), William Egan (Scunthorpe), and Alan Riddoch (Maidstone) 2½ points; Henry Ho (Warwick Univ), Aron Buxton (Stratford), and, Richard Leaper (Mutual Circle, Birmingham) 2 points; Andrew Collins (Leamington), Giles Stanton (Redditch), and John McKeon (Milton Keynes) 1½ points; John Fenby (Brewood, Staffs), David Dunne (West Nottingham) 1 point. Withdrew before completion: Andrew Farthing (Worcester) 2 points.


Stephen Crockett (Redditch) 4½ points; Dominic Heining (Leamington) and Michele Clack (Redditch) 4 points; Gabor Cspregi (Shirley & Wythall, Birmingham), Elliott Green (Hassell, Newcastle-u-Lyme), Raymond Bettam (Chelmsley Wood, Warks), and Jacob Boswell (Cheddleton & Leek, Staffs) 3½ points; Nathan Chung (K Edwards Sch, Birmingham), John Donovan (Shirley & Wythall, Birmingham), and John Hodges (Solihull) 3 points; Allan Brown (West Bridgford, Nottingham), Colin Mace (Wellington, Shrops), Felicity Parker (K Edwards Fiveways Sch, Birmingham), Shivi Ravi (Solihull Checkmates), Andrew Ellis (Cambridge City), Rob Sutton (Worcester), Steve Hotchkiss (Birmingham), Paul Davies (Stratford), Sam Beardmore (Cheddleton & Leek) 2½ points; Seth Tsang (Wellingborough, Northants) and Graig Miles (Olton, Birmingham) 2 points; Clive Blackburn (Coventry), Stuart Calderbank (Stratford), Richard Buxton (Stratford), and Paul Kelly (Olton, Birmingham) 1½ points; Charlotte Attwood (Radcliffe & Bingham, Nottingham), Kiran Shiatis (Coulsdon, London) 1 point, Tony Taylor (Halesowen) ½ point.


Some winners in the u170 tournament

Some winners in the U145 tournament

Steve Crockett receives his prize in the under-120 tournament from Dave Thomas, Warks President

Winners in the u170 Tournament with Dave Thomas: Farhaz Malik, Kevin Yeomans, Tom Robinson and Lief Dixon
Winners in the u145 Tournament with Dave Thomas: Ray Collett, Andrew Wiggins, ?Rick Weston & Clive Pemberton Steve Crockett (right) very happy to receive his prize in the u120 Tournament from Dave Thomas, President Warwickshire CA