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2014-5 Season
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Published 21 and supplemented 22 February 2015

Lincolnshire - Worcestershire
Final for Midlands Open and Minor County Championships


Played on 21 February 2015 at Sharnford Evergreen Hall, Leics. Worcestershire players had white on odd numbered boards. Reported by Ray Collett & Nigel Birtwistle


Board ECF Code Grade Lincolnshire Score Score Worcestershire Grade ECF Code
1 120691G 239 Turner, Matthew GM 1 0 Mellor, Stephen D 185 230883G
2 109683H 203 Dilley, Jason 0 1 Edge, John A 184 110076C
3 103734B 199 Cumbers, Paul ½ ½ Lambourne, Daniel M 183 259447L
4 263507A 186 Prior, Stephen 1 0 Kitson, Peter R 177 127645B
5 181511D 185 Kilshaw, Joe ½ ½ Arkell, Nicholas D 175 293111E
6 106801F 183 Birrtwistle, Nigel ½ ½ Lowick Higgie, Charles 174 129306A
7 119269H 183 Stead, Nick 0 1 Towers, Nigel S 172 165392B
8 116086C 180 Naylor, John 1 0 Hurney, Kevin 172 129898H
9 216825L 180 Russell, Harry ½ ½ Friar, James P 168 275649D
10 152255D 176 Payne, Nick ½ ½ Turner, Brian 167 120670K
11 244268B 171 McCarthy, Kevin 0 1 Dyett, Greg F 167 110004L
12 190995H 165 Herbert, Andrew ½ ½ Friar, Jim A 167 110925L
13 116655E 163 Palmer, Keith ½ ½ Jackson, Gary C 161 152157D
14 222114H 161 McDonald, Ian 0 1 Wrench, John P 159 127123E
15 111157H 156 Georgiou, Denis 1 0 Friar, Joseph D 157 275633L
16 277281E 153 David, Ivan 1 0 Knee, John P 148 127661L


Midlands Final 2015: Lincs-Worcs
Midlands Counties Team 2015 Final at Sharnford Evergreen Hall, Leics


Lincolnshire made chess history by winning the Midlands County Team Championship for the first time in the competition's history. They faced Worcestershire who were chasing their first championship win for over half a century. The score line suggests a close match, but in truth Worcestershire were outgraded on every board and after one and a half hours play, Lincolnshire were already 3 points up and it looked like a thumping Lincolnshire win was on its way. Worcestershire fought back with their first win from John Wrench and the last two games to finish also went against the winning team. Keith Palmer's draw pushed Lincolnshire to 8½ to win the match, but Worcestershire won the remaining two games. John Edge scored an unexpected win very much against the run of play on board 2 and Greg Dyett promoted a second pawn just before his opponent lost on time in the dying minutes of play. Linolnshire's captain, Nigel Birtwistle said: "I was impressed with the fighting spirit shown by your Worcestershire team. It is very difficult to come back from three points down so early on and Lincolnshire had to dig deep to draw a few games in which they looked slightly worse to get over the finishing line".