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Last updated 18 September 2021


This page currently links to previous season's results: 2005-6 to 2013-4. Use the lowest left hand menu button to get back to current season's news and results.

Use the left hand menu buttons under 'Honours Roll' to see which teams were MCCU champions and which other teams were nominated for participation in the national stages for each of the MCCU's cpunty team competitions.


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Midlands Teams' National Honours Roll

Warwickshire have been the most successful Midlands county in national team championships winning national honours on thirteen occasions, three times in the Open Championship. The next most successful county has been Nottinghamshire (nine titles, but not an open title) followed by Greater Manchester (three Open titles and three others), Leicestershire (3), with Staffordshire (2) and Shropshire (2) and Lincolnshire (2). Worcestershire won their first Championship in 2016 in the the U140 event. Two counties affiliated to the MCCU in earlier years also achieved national honours: Huntingdonshire & Peterborough (now part of Cambridgeshire in East Anglian Chess Union formed 1983) and Oxfordshire (not currently affiliated to any chess union).

For the Midlands honours roll of national team titles click here


MCCU County Team Competition Formats

Season 2016-7. Five teams competed for the Midlands County Team Championship. The top two teams will be offered nominations for the national stages of the open competition.

Seasons 2013-6. There was one entry only for the Open tournament and counties agreed that all teams that had entered for the Open or Minor Counties should compete for the MCCU team conty championship using East and West zones followed by finals matches between top teams in each zone. Staffordshire the only entry for the Open were nominated for a place in the national stages and remaining teams competed for places in the national stages of the Minor Counties tournament in 2014 and 2015, but not in 2016.

Between 2009-10 and 2012-3 the MCCU ran two open divisions and u180, u160, u140, u120 and u100 competitions. These grading bands were chosen because they reflect the bands used by the ECF for the national stages. The upper division of the Open competitions is for the MCCU County Team Championship and the lower open division id for the MCCU Minor County Championship. The MCCU minor county competition differs from the ECF Minor county competition, which has grade limits for players. In practice, however, few MCCU county teams have players to make their teams ineligible for the national stages.

Between 1992-3 and 2008-9 an Open, u175, u150, u125 and u100 competitions ran. Where there were sufficient entries, the MCCU was zoned East and West with winners of each zone playing for the championship. The MCCU Minor Counties Championship was first played for in 1993-4 when the open competition was split into upper and lower divisions. Previous to that season the MCCU county teams nominated for the national stages were those placed immediately below those qualifying for the national open competition.

Prior to 1992, players for county teams were not grade limited and counties were invited to field first second and third teams that played for their respective championships.