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Published 12 June 2011

Under-140 Semi Final: Worcestershire - Hampshire

 Played 11 June 2011 at the Memorial Hall, Church Road, Weston on the Green, Oxon. Worcestershire players on odd-numbered boards had white. Reported by Giles Stanton. 

Board WORCESTERSHIRE ECF Code Grade Score Score HAMPSHIRE ECF Code Grade
1 Holowczak, Alex 263651H 137 1 0 Dean, Stuart 109534B 139
2 Friar, James P 275649D 130 0 1 Wiswman, John 241542C 139
3 Ellis, Ian 248739B 136 0 1 Chilton, James 163037E 139
4 Truscott,Ian 120615B 136 1 0 Steele, Kevin 192016K 138
5 Loynes, John 185413G 136 0 1 Scotney, David 118601C 135
6 Friar, Joseph D 275633L 127 1 0 Culliford, David 109194D 135
7 Sharratt, P B 118792C E133 ½ ½ Cleave, Bob 108481B 133
8 Humphries, Jeremy 266351L 131 1 0 Slater, Tom 265729G 132
9 Yates, Tim 127209D 130 0 1 Priestley Derek 212347C 132
10 Shaw, Tony 248737J 130 ½ ½ Azman, Norhidayah 266396L 131
11 Spowart, David 277850G 129 0 1 Smith, Ewart 119226H 130
12 O’Gorman, T Francis 242814D 129 0 1 Manning, Andy 278376K 129
13 Banks, Peter S 165118D 127 ½ ½ Shaddick, John 118731E 126
14 Kirkland, Arnold 128994K 125 ½ ½ Gething, Philip 111164E 125
15 Butler, Richard u/g E122 ½ ½ Misoulis, Nikolaos 191994F 123
16 Clack, Ian 108369H 119 ½ ½ Diaper, Barry 192737B 123
  TOTAL     7 9 TOTAL    


Match report by Giles Stanton. Hampshire strengthen their quarter final side for yesterday's semi final against Worcestershire. Dispite this, Worcs put up some stout resistence. Having won the toss Worcestershire soon found themselves in difficulty with board two loosing his f7 pawn with no compensation and board 3 got into trouble in the opening. Solid play on boards 7,15 and 16 led to draws. Joseph Friar had a most assured game with the black pieces against a Scotch Opening and was always in command. Ian Truscott also with the black pieces, played against a Caro Kann Advanced Pawn Variation. He built a strong counter attacking position, mating his opponent. With the score at 5-6 in Hants' favour, there was a glimmer of hope for Worcs when Jeremy Humphries, who was under conciderable pressure in the opening leaving him in time trouble, turned the tables on winning the exchange and with a passed a pawn on the seventh rank he easily converted to win. After this, the Worcesters' luck deserted them with two successive defeats and the final two games ending in draws.