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Published 15 May 2011

Under-140 Championship: Worcestershire - Lancashire

Played 15 May 2011 at The Bridge Club, King Street, Newcastle under Lyme. Lancashire players had white on odd-numbered boards. Code for Lancs board 13 and surname of Lancs board 14 corrected 16 May 2011.

1 Holowczak, Alex 263651H 137 1 0 Jameson, Nick 268009K 139
2 Crockett, Stephen A 279615G 139 1 0 Hart, Rob 215270J 139
3 Friar, James P 275649D 130 1 0 Reeves, Danny 256457K 138
4 Ellis,  Ian 248739B 136 0 1 Stanfield, David 240185L 133
5 Truscott, Ian 120615B 136 1 0 Tennant-Smith, Jim 120219E 131
6 Loynes, John H 185413G 136 0 1 Innes, David 273264G 130
7 Reed, Kyle 275755C 126 1 0 Logan, Peter 240931J 130
8 Friar, Joseph D 275633L 127 1 0 Morrison, Lynn 253122H 129
9 Humphries, Jeremy 266351L 131 ½ ½ Bennett, Judd 269335F 122
10 Yates, Tim 127209D 130 1 0 Horne, Michael 166452K 119
11 Shaw, Tony 248737J 130 1 0 Williamson, Ian 279651L E119
12 Spowart, David 277850G 129 0 1 Dilworth, Joe 157673C 116
13 Bott, Doug 183289L 132 0 1 Jinks, Anthony 147523L E116
14 O’Gorman T Francis 242814D 129 ½ ½ Glover, Gordon 256834C 105
15 Gittus, John F 156963G 127 ½ ½ Jones, Wayne 240915L E105
16 Butler, Richard u/g e122 ½ ½ Moxham, John U/G E104
  TOTAL     10 6 TOTAL    


Match report from Giles Stanton. At the start of play Worcestershire were expecting good results on the lower boards, but it wasn't the case at all, with a win for Lancashire on 13, a draw on board 16 and Lancashire had good positions on other lower boards. Worcestershire's Jeremy Humphries contained the efforts of a confident and young opponent to agree a draw. Worcestershire juniors continued to put in impressive performances, having been moved up the board order. The Friar brothers and Kyle Reed responded by winning their games. On top board Alex Holowczak played a French Defence winning a pawn in the middle game and building up the pressure to convert to a won ending. On board 2, Steve Crockett used the Grand Prix Attack against Rob Hart's Sicilian and overwhelmed his opponent in the end game. Worcestershire's top boards had out-scored Lancs by 6 to 2. With three games still playing, the score stood 7-6 in Worcestershire's favour. On board 10, Tim Yates had won a pawn in the middle game and his superior king giving him the win in a same-coloured bishop ending. On board 11, Tony Shaw gained a two-pawn advantage and pressed home to win. Junior Joseph Friar was the last to finish. In a patient game, he built up a well co-ordinated army, and then flushed the opposing king into the open. An infelicitous rook capture by Joseph's opponent lost the exchange to a queen fork and took Worcestershires tally to 10.