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2010-11 Under-120
County Team Championship

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2010-11 Season
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Published 6 February 2011

Under-120 Championship:

Played on 5 February at Fenton Sports & Social Club, Staffs. Worcestershire players on odd-numbered boards had white. Reported by Steve Emmerton.


Board Staffordshire Terriers GRADING NO GRADE SCORE SCORE Worcestershire GRADING NO GRADE
1 Thomas Healey 112423H 119 1 0  Ian Clack 108369H 119
2 Denis Nesbitt 171039E 118 0 1 Terry Pountney 183529E 118
3 Karol Grzybowski 266797G 113 ½ ½ Penny Wood 228368C 118
4 Nic Wright 143714J 115 ½ ½ Maureen Clark 10407A 117
5 David Hallen 223761B 114 ½ ½ Richard Woolley   U/G
6 Alex Cartlidge 277178A 115 0 1 Giles Stanton 172186A 114
7 Paul Shelley 118855A 113 ½ ½ Richard Turner 157246F 113
8 Steve Emmerton (Capt) 266803J 112 ½ ½ Richard Collett 108620A 109
9 Richard Cantliff 186535D 105 0 1 Michele Clack 108370D 106
10 Steven Cooper 257494K 104 0 1 Mark Hore 173218D 96
11 Ernie Wilkinson 141788F 100 1 0 Ronald Thompson 248736G 100
12 David Johnson 266810F 98  1 0 Tony Taylor 192111D 90


Match report from webmaster from captains' e-mails by Richard Turner and Steve Emmerton. Another disappointing result for the Staffs Terriers as Worcestershire rode their luck to secure another narrow victory. In a very close match the Terriers lost by the odd point. But it could have so easily been different. Richard Turner (Worcs) was lucky to escape with a draw after his opponent exchaged pieces in the wrong order. With two games still in progress the Terriers trailed by 5½ - 4½, but the games in progress were both going in the Terriers' favour and a victory for the Terriers looked likely. Ernie Wilkinson, playing on Board 11, went into his endgame with a rook, knight and four pawns against a knight and a pawn. However, he then took about half an hour to find a most tortuous way of winning. Terry Pountney (Worcs) was gifted a win from what should have been a drawn game. This levelled the match at 5½ each and all eyes turned to Richard Cantliff and Michele Clack's game on Board 9. Everything rested on it. Michele Clack coming from 2 pawns down to a pawn up kept applying the pressure until a hasty move under increasing pressure gifted Worcestershire their second rook of the afternoon.