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2010-11 Under-140
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2010-11 Season
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Published 30 January 2011

Staffordshire - Worcestershire

Played 29 January 2011 at Bushbury Community Centre, Wolverhampton, Staffs. Staffordshire players on odd-numbered boards had white. Result reported by Giles Stanton.


Board ECF Code Grade Staffordshire Score Score Worcestershire Grade ECF Code
1 185108B 135 John Fenby ½ ½ Alex R Holowczak 137 263651H
2 106772C 136 Brian Birchall ½ ½ Jason Cole 137 128813B
3 261888G 135 Ken McNulty 1 0 Ian Ellis 137 248739B
4 275365A 132 Neville Jones 0 1 Ian M Truscott 136 120615B
5 157184K 132 Ray Dolan ½ ½ John Loynes 136 185413G
6 268785L 131 Matthew Carr 0 1 Rob Bricknell 133 234732F
7 114197B 128 Andrew Leadbetter 1 0 Doug Bott 132 183289L
8 133476B 128 John Smith ½ ½ Jeremy Humphries 131 266351L
9 179091C 126 John Montague 0 1 James P Friar 130 275649D
10 116614B 124 Michael Page ½ ½ Tim Yates 130 127209D
11 109734K 122 Alan Dobson ½ ½ Tony Shaw 130 248737J
12 118825C 122  Peter Shaw 0 1 David Spowart 129 277850G
13 112423H 119 Tom Healey 1 0 T Francis O’Gorman 129 242814D
14 171039E 118 Dennis Nesbitt ½ ½ Kyle Reed 126 275755C
15 104387A 117 Tony Meakin 1 0 Peter Banks 127 165118D
16 109480E 131 John Day ½ ½ Joseph D Friar 127 275633L
        8 8      


Match report by Giles Stanton

This match was one of the keenest fought contests. There was never more than one point between the teams with the totals seesawing from one side to the other.

Staffs scored first with an early win on board 7 when the Worcs player lost his queen.

Boards 1, 8 and 11 agreed early draws, but Worcs restored equality when Dave Spowart recorded his 3rd win for Worcestershire this season. He won a bishop, and left no counter play for his opponent.

John Day Staffs captain had to stand in to play board 16. His junior opponent, Joseph Friar, played an excellent game winning the exchange but the Staffs player had counter play with an active knight and queen so agreed a draw. Big brother James Friar (Worcs) also played well to go a pawn up then got passed pawns on both wings which was too much for his opponent to survive.

Rob Bricknell played a very assured game never letting his opponent have any play and his dominant Knight won him the exchange. Later, with pawns going to fall the Staffs player resigned.

Just when Worcs neeed a point, Ian Truscott converted his superior position to a winning one.

Near the end of the match, with the scores 7½ all, Brian Birchall had rook for two minor pieces against Jason Cole and Worcs players were relieved when the players agreed a draw.