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2010-11 Under-140
County Team Championship

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2010-11 Season
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Published 20 March 2011

Worcestershire - Nottinghamshire

Played on 19th March 2011 at Methodist Church Hall Water Orton. Nottinghamshire players on odd-numbered boards were white. Results reported by Giles Stanton and Neil Graham.


Board ECF Code Grade Worcestershire Score Score Nottinghamshire ECF Code Grade
1 263651h 137 Alex Holowczak 0 1 Arun Maini 263693b 139
2 279615g 139 Stephen Crockett ½ ½ Barry Redburn 117727j 136
3 248739b 137 Ian Ellis ½ ½ Patrick Allen 233321b 135
4 120615b 136 Ian Truscott 0 1 Neil Graham 111493b 134
5 185413g 135 John Loynes 1 0 Alan Kenyon 274712b 133
6 275649d 130 James Friar 0 1 James Kenyon 274726b 133
7 266351l 131 Jeremy Humphries ½ ½ James Thomson 240429b 133
8 127209d 130 Tim Yates ½ ½ Tim Kendall 208320g 134e
9 248737j 130 Tony Shaw 1 0 Mike Nailard 116053k 132
10 -   default 0 1 Ross McKay 267595l 129
11 277850g 129 David Spowart ½ ½ Graham Gibson 136734b 128
12 242814d 129 T Francis O'Gorman ½ ½ Mick Harper 139649d 127
13 128994k 125 Arnold Kirkland 0 1 Ray Sayer 143539f 127
14 108369h 119 Ian Clack 0 1 Graham Neil 116111j 122
15 172816a 114 Giles Stanton 0 1 Len Morrell 115804b 120
16 - u/g Richard Butler ½ ½ Saaras Mehan 268011h 121


Report from Giles Stanton (Worcs) - Worcestershire were short of several key players and board 10 was defaulted owing to a mix up. This put extra pressure on Worcestershire players who may have felt they had to "go for it" for the team to get anything out of the match. Alex Holowczak (Worcs) did just that, ending up with a material advantage but a complex position that turned sour with counter play for his opponent. Ian Ellis (Worcs) had a piece to the good but with time trouble acepted the offer of a draw. Unfortunately Ian Truscott chose to play his favoured Trompowski opening against Neil Graham the Notts captain whose favourite opening is the same so knew the best way to combat it! Tony Shaw of Malvern, Worcs ended with two advanced and connected past pawns creating a won game. Richard Butler (Droitwich, Worcs) had a real battle against a strong Notts junior who won a pawn. But in an opposite coloured bishop ending a draw was agreed. John Loynes( Stourbridge, Worcs) was the last game to finish. John's two rooks against a queen supporting a pawn on the seventh prooved superior.