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2010-11 Under-160
County Team Championship

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2010-11 Season
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Published 10 Jan 2011

Under-160 Championship: Warwickshire - Staffordshire

Played on 8th January 2011 at The Tyseley Working Men's Club, Tyseley, Birmingham. It was not reported which players had white.


Board Warwickshire BCF Code Grade Score Score Staffordshire BCF Code Grade
1 Robert Reynolds 117842J 154 ½ ½ David Daniels   155
2 Anthony Sadler 248168G 158 1 0 Derek Perks   155
3 Mike Doran 109809D 153 1 0 William Rea   154
4 Ed Goodwin 111405A 157 ½ ½ William Armstrong   153
5 Jon Turner 155226A 157 0 1 Moin Uddin   145
6 Roy Lawrence 179054H 156 0 1 Steve Hill   151
7 Richard C Reynolds 117843L 149 ½ ½ Matthew Wyza   155
8 Andrew Moxley 115921F 154 1 0 Mike Groombridge   149
9 Keith Thomas 120270E 154 1 0 Max Wootton   145
10 Gary Hope 183305E 151 0 1 Frank Wood   144
11 John Fahy 233507E 151 1 0 Ken Francis   142
12 Ian Brodie 265683J 150 1 0 Steve Wilcox   142
13 Sean Ralph 242248H 149 1 0 John Button   141
14 Andy Cottom 108929J 147 1 0 Brian Birchall   136
15 Alan Burnet 104148E 138 1 0 Peter Broomhall   132
16 Louis Rawson 129117J 138 1 0 Karol Greyswkj   113
  Totals     11 ½ 4 ½      


Match report from John Fahy, Warks

A comprehensive win for Warks over Staffs by 11½ v 4½ after other triumphs this season has given the U160 MCCU Title to Warwickshire even though they are still to play Leicestershire. After a delayed start – Staffs made the early running taking a rook and pawn for knight exchange on board 10 – with Warks board 13 Sean Ralph not yet arriving Staffs had a clear advantage. However an early win on 15 for Alan Burnet put Warks in front on the score board winning with several of his opponent's pieces – including king and queen - still at home. Alan's combination of bishop and knight brought the King on to the second rank and a swift check from his queen signalled the end. Staffs were hitting back on board 6 with a rook ending in progress and the Staffs player several pawns ahead to level the score. At this stage there were many close encounters developing – although Warks had a piece advantage on board 8 and a pawn advantage on boards 12 and 14 and positional advantages in several others. As the first time control approached, games started to swing in Warks favour – although Staffs had taken a lead with a win on 5. Then a clutch of wins turned the match in Warwickshire's favour. Tony Sadler won on board 2 to maintain his 100% record (3 out of 3) this season. This was followed by a win on 3 for Mike Doran who also has a 100% record this year with 2/2. Further wins put Warks in control. Staffs finally won on 10 after a tough battle but wins on 8 for Andrew Moxley and 13 and the very late arriving Sean Ralph put Warks over the line. A crushing win was sealed with wins on the remaining two boards for captain John Fahy and last to finish Iain Brodie on 12. With some players playing at the Wrekin Congress, Warwickshire we showed strength in depth winning 8 out of the bottom 9 boards in this match.