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Published 28 January 2012

Leicestershire - Worcestershire

Played 28 January at Thurmaston Old School & Community Centre, Thurmaston, Leics. Leicestershire players on odd-numbered boards had white.


Board Leicestershire Ref No Grade Score Score Worcestershire Ref No Grade
1 Mark Hebden 112455K 241 1 0 Ray Collett (subst) 108621C 149
2 Iliyan Mladenov 287510B 207 1 0 Brian Turner 120670K 184
3 Martin Burrows 125697L 200 1 0 Carl Hibbard 112595D 181
4 Andy Morley 115787F 179 1 0 Pavel Besedin 287190H Fide
5 Ray Burgess 107674H 182 1 0 Peter Kitson 127645B 174
6 Sean Sheahan 118836H 170 0 1 Nic Fallowfield 128865K 173
7 Brian Galligan 287350D 173 0 1 Jim Friar (Snr) 110925L 173
8 John Mitchell 115634C 173 0 1 Kevin Hurney 129898H 172
9 Richard Vann 163691B 163 0 1 Ed Osbourn 282451G 169
10 Dave Farrall 213110K 168 0 1 John Wrench 127123E 165
11 Alfonso Jiminez 279527K 164 1 0 Nigel Towers 165392B 161
12 Patrick McDermott 115247G 159 ½ ½ Charles Higgie 129306A 158
13 Jim Bingham 106748F 161 0 1 James Friar (Jnr) 275649D 153
14 Jim Miller 115535A 157 ½ ½ John Knee 127661L 152
15 John Pattinson 116818G 157 1 0 Mike Hadley 160573C 150
16 Sean Hewitt 112575J 157 1 0 Joseph Friar 275633L 149
    total   9 7      


The match started badly for Worcestershire. Their team was five players short at the start of the session. Telephone contact with the missing car eventually guided four player to the venue to start their games a quarter of an hour late and Worcestershire's intended top board player had been taken ill that morning. Predictably Leics were soon one up when Mark Hebden won easily. Early in the session, Worcs equalised and then went into a temporary lead with wins from Wrench and Osbourn. After the two draws, Hewitt and Burgess pushed Leics into the lead. Worcs equalled with wins from Friar senior and son James, but wins from Mladenov, Burrows re-established Leicestershire in front. The remaining games looked hopeful for Worcs, but Pattinson's opponent misjudged a piece sac when a pawn up to put Leics two points ahead. Two promising games for Worcestershire were lost by poor time management with Morley and Jiminez winning. Hurney made up some of Worcestershire's deficit, but his win left Leicestershire winners by two points. Leicestershire's President Sean Hewitt said: "I think that we were very fortunate indeed to win the match. How we won on B4 and B15 when we were lost on both I do not know!"