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2011-12 Under-140
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Published 29 October 2011. Match report added 31 Oct.

Warwickshire - Worcestershire

Played 29 October at Hill and Cakemore Liberal Club, Halesowen (but it was a home match for Warks!). Warks players on odd-numberted boards had white. Result reported first by Giles Stanton.


Board ECF Code Grade Warwickshire Score Score Worcestershire Grade ECF Code
1 129117J 139 Rawson,  Louis 1 0 Cole,   Jason 139 128813B
2 129958L 137 Warren,  Ken 0 1 Yeadon,  Peter 139 266352B
3 113645J 137 Jimenez,  Frank ½ ½ Crockett,  Stephen J 139 279615G
4 247045H 134 Dickson,  Fred 0 1 Peters,  Roy 138 152169L
5 184072B 133 Wilson,  Alexander 0 1 Riley,  Mark 136 117964A
6 256376K 138 Thompson,  Peter ½ ½ Shaw,  Tony 134 248737J
7 256357F 133 Hussain,  Adrian 1 0 Truscott,  Ian 130 120615B
8 260913H 132 Green,  Derek 1 0 Loynes,  John 133 185413G
9 125792E 131 Oliver,  Peter 0 1 Sharratt,  Paul 131 118792C
10 273516H 131 Green,  John 1 0 Shaw,  Steve 131 118830G
11 143240A 130 Evans,  Chris ½ ½ Bricknell,  Rob 130 234732F
12     Default 0 1 Curry,  Don 128 179081L
13 111228E 130 Gilbert,  Kim 0 1 Ellis,  Ian 131 248739B
14 277315G 129 Fergusson,  Matthew 1 0 Banks,  Peter 129 165118D
15 157186C 122 East,  Chris ½ ½ Kirkland,  Arnold 128 128994K
16 280310A 83 Fergusson,  Andrew 0 1 Humphries,  Jeremy 117 266351L
        7 9      


Report from Giles Stanton. Fortune favoured Worcs with Warks defaulting on board 12. Players were evenly matched except on board 16 where Jeremy Humphries' experience overwhelmed a young player in his first county game. All other boards were keenly contested. Adjacent boards often yielded contrasting results. On boards 9 and 10, English Openings were played and black won both. On board 10 the Worcs player was under pressure from raking bishops and queen and John Green's piece sac on g3 wrapped up the game. This was nicely mirrored on board 9, but in Worcs favour. Paul Sharratt used his heavy pieces on an open h-file to win a rook. Worcs' board 4, Roy Peters, used better placed pieces to punish greedy pawn grabs. Worcester's board 2 won on time.

At this stage the match stood at 5-8 with Worcs needing only half a point from three games. A draw seemed likely on board 14 where the Warks player had the exchange for two pawns, but was down on time. Matthew showed other wise. He promoted a pawn and mated Peter with only seconds remaining. On board 13 Worcester's Ian Ellis was in a winning position a pawn up in a rook-and-pawn ending butboth players were getting short of time. Ian held his nerve,l promting his pawn and winning the game.