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Published 6 December 2014

Staffordshire - Worcestershire

Played on 6 December at Ryecroft Community Hub, Walsall. Worcestershire players had white on odd-numbered boards. Match reported by Ray Collett.


Board ECF Code Grade Staffordshire Score Score Worcestershire Grade ECF Code
1 121442B 200 Darren Wheeler ½ ½ Pavel Besedin 199 287190H
2 105731F 196 David Anderton 0 1 John Edge 186 110076C
3 105462E 192 Gerald Acey 0 1 Stephen Mellor 182 230883G
4 109109J 181 Alan Crombleholme ½ ½ Mikhail Tyomkyn 181e 269730A
5 110144E 181 Simon Edwards 1 0 Dan Lambourne 178 259447L
6 120687E 181 John Turner ½ ½ Nigel Towers 176 165392B
7 108830A 173 David Cooper ½ ½ Peter Kitson 176 127645B
8 109178F 171 John Crump ½ ½ Kevin Hurney 172 129898H
9 157248K 169 Nick Walker 0 1 Brian Turner 170 120670K
10 100773H 168 Brian Denny ½ ½ Greg Dyett 168 110004L
11 118039D 167 Nick Roberts ½ ½ John Wrench 165 127123E
12 119583K 161 John Staniforth ½ ½ Joe Friar 165 275633L
13 109355B 157 Dave Davies 0 1 James Friar 163 275649D
14 240175H 156 Colin Davison 1 0 David L Roberts 156 137850J
15 273508J 148 Robert Taylor ½ ½ Mark Bethel 152 106679B
16 109259K 145e David Daniels ½ ½ John Knee 149 127661L
  Mean     7 9 Mean    


Report by Ray Collett. Worcestershire arrived with their tails up after their surprise draw with Greater Manchester in November. When the team lists were compared, Staffs had only a slight advantage in grades. Worcestershire struck first winning the toss and chose white on odd-numbered boards. Staffordshire provided a magnificent spread of food prepared by staff at Rycecroft Community Hub. This was clearly a venue players would want to return to.


Staffs-Worcs at Walsall 6 Dec 2014


The first seven games were all drawn and equality was broken when Brian Turner struck for Worcestershire after three and a quarter hours' play. Worcestershire went further ahead with Stephen Mellor's win. Simon Edwards recorded Staffordshire's first win a few minutes later, but James Friar took Worcestershire over the line to win the match when outplayed his opponent in a minor piece ending. Colin Davison clawed one back for Staffordshire, but John Edge scored again for Worcestershire. The last game to finish was between Alan Crombleholme and Worcestershire's new signing, Mikhail Tyomkyn. In that game a King's Indian Defence led to a blocked centre and complex middlegame. Only late in the game did players start to exchange pieces when the h-file opened. At this stage Tyomkin had some pressure on the king-side, but Crombleholme engineered further exchanges leaving players with pawns and bishops on opposite-coloured squares and a certain draw.